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Willa Jean is a curated line of bold, distinctive jewelry featuring antique and vintage heirlooms and treasures. Our collections incorporate natural, high quality elements that include 14k gold, semi-precious stones, and cowhide leather, ethically sourced in the U.S.A.

Our style is decidedly Southern; rooted in elegance and sophistication, infused with a modern edge. Each piece is original and unique, designed and handcrafted by me, Kate Texada Kirven, in my Nashville home studio.




Being raised in the South, I grew up on the stories of those that came before me. I have many fond memories of long summer days, spent sitting outside under the shade of live oaks, laughing with my family as they shared stories of their childhood and old family traditions.

I became fascinated with the idea that our belongings can become caretakers for these stories, stewards of our history and our heritage for the next generation. There is something magical in realizing the experiences and memories these pieces carry with them, and how they only get better and more special with time.

I created Willa Jean to celebrate my passion for family history and my love of meaningful heirlooms. Inheriting my grandmother’s antique jewelry collection inspired me to create beautiful new jewelry out of old, but meaningful treasures.


I have since spent many years curating my own collection of vintage and antique pieces – I love that Willa Jean allows me to continue on their stories in a way that helps others feel beautiful and celebrated.

I believe that jewelry should be as interesting and unique as the individual wearing it. I strive to create meaningful pieces that stand out, spark interesting conversation, and continue on to become a part of new and celebrated traditions.